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Visualab brings product staging to life with 3D rendering



Industry: 3D Design
Service: 3D Product Advertisement
Founded: July 2018 in Seoul, Korea
Founder(s): Sarah Schmidt & Giacomo Mason
Number of Employees: 1-5
Company Overview
Visualab specializes in 3D visual communication. Their current projects focus on product staging for advertisements, and they are looking to expand their company with highly skilled 3D artists and partnerships with cutting edge Korean and overseas companies.
Tel: +82 10 9452 0898
Email: inquiry@vs-lb.com

How It All Started

Sarah Philomena Schmidt, CEO

Sometimes an unexpected business deal can come before a company is even formed.

Visualab began through a casual conversation, heard by Sarah Schmidt at the right place and the right time.

Trained in ballet in Germany, Sarah decided to take a break from the rigors of dance and visit Korea to experience her mother’s cultural roots. In Seoul, she met Giacomo Mason, who had moved to Seoul from Italy and was working as an architect in a Korean firm. They talked about running their own company one day, but were still forming their ideas.

Then, came the casual conversation that sparked Visualab.

One night, Sarah joined her ballet community for dinner, and there she met a producer, who was filming the dance group for his production company. He talked about his work, and how he was working on a project with LG but having a hard time finding a skilled 3D rendering service.

She talked up Giacomo’s skills, and that night she closed the deal.

For four weeks, Sarah and Giacomo communicated with the company, and fine-tuned their needs into a series of 3D-rendered advertisements that would have them coming back for more.

During that process, they bought a Macbook Pro, created a website, and formed Visualab.

Giacomo worked as its artistic director, and Sarah focused on business development. Together, with his visual artistry and her marketing finesse, Visualab continued to add to its portfolio with high quality services and big brand clients.

Challenges Overcome

As co-founders with origins from Germany and Italy, language was a barrier to business in Korea. They were able to easily communicate with their clients who sought out their work, but faced cultural and communication challenges in the bureaucratic process of establishing a company. “We got a lot of help, though. So many people believed in us, and that made the process so much smoother.”

Sarah describes how their company evolved, and how a large part of it was about learning until you reach the next step.

“Sometimes, you have to be your own mentor, and refine your ways of execution.”

With this mindset, they learned about contracts, accounting, and pricing defined by what their service is worth.

Looking Ahead

Visualab has some really cool projects coming up that can’t be disclosed before its release, but their next release may become a game changer for how video advertisements are brought to life.  

They’re continuing to create a brand that doesn’t only focus on the skills of 3D imaging, which is expanding beyond architectural blueprints and into product staging.

Visualab strives to go beyond manipulating images images into 3D form. For instance, in their recent project creating staging for the LG sound bar, the artistic and even philosophical decisions behind it — “how to place an object in a space to reach its full potential to reach people’s unconscious” — is what makes for their masterpieces.

Visualab is currently looking for people to join their team, not only those skilled in 3D rendering, but holistic artists who can understand the vision from start to finish.

This year was a crucial year for the growth of Visualab. Giacomo quit his job at the architecture firm to keep up with their company’s projects, and in the first quarter their revenue amounted to their entire revenue in the last year.

Things are looking up, and with that Visualab plans to create diverse works that keep pushing their technical and artistic limits.

A sampling of their work, showcased on the Visualab website.

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