[TBS eFM Koreascape] SeoulGSC and Resident Startups on the Show


TBS eFM Radio Program ‘Koreascape’ Broadcasted Coverage of SeoulGSC and the Resident Startups on June 28th.

1. Broadcast Date: June 28, 2017
2. Introduction of the Program: TBS educational and entertainment radio program for English speaking people in Korea (Click to see introduction of the program)
3. Name of Program: TBS 120 (with a concept of Dasan Call Center for foreigners)
4. Topic: Startup Programs for Foreign Entrepreneurs in Korea
5. Interviewees: Danny Kim (Manager, SeoulGSC), Igor (Cards Corp.), Craig (Ventura), Gabe (Tourbrat)
6. Contents: the purpose of SeoulGSC’s programs, programs in details, successful startup cases, the purpose of starting business in Korea as a foreigner, etc.

*Click to listen to the episode