Increase your opportunities of business success with “Co-Workshop” of Seoul Global Startup Center from April to November 2017!

Co-Workshop is a FREE monthly workshop designed to inspire entrepreneurs to become innovation makers over 8 professional workshops.


Participants can develop their creative capacities and skill sets to build scalable startups to solve their business problems.

Workshops will be provided in English for 30 people for each session (please note that it is First Come, First Serve).


  • For Whom?

Early stage startups and Aspiring future startup founders with passion


  • How to participate the Workshop?

  1. Register for Access Membership [Access Membership Application]
  2. Fill out an application form for Co-Workshop (Application will be closed up to 2 days before each workshop)


* Schedules are subject to change due to the operational plans.

* If you cannot attend the workshop, please contact us at “”. If not, your participations for future SeoulGSC programs may be restricted.





Date/Time (Thursday) Topic Contents Lecturer
April 13


Style Switching Impact of Culture, Understanding different work styles for cooperation, and Action Plans Dr. Jeesun Cho
May 11


Branding Me Develop your unique brand that truly represents who you are from seed, soil, sprout and stem. An authentic brand to show you and your business to your customer. Eric Wan
June 8


Power SNS Quick overview of Korean market’s SNS, Facebook, Blogging and Video Contents Marta
July 13


Jump into a Black Hole Korea has a unique business environment, and it can be costly for foreign entrepreneurs to figure that out through trial and error.

To provide insight to foreigners in Korea who wish to start their own business, shorten their learning curve to ensure a smooth setup and operation of their business.

Gordon Dudley
August 10


Creative Thinking Creative problem-solving through diverse aspects and turning points of thinking. Deborah
September 7


Negotiation Master Different cultures have very different context when it comes to communication, and negotiation is all about being able to communicate effectively across all parties to come to a fruitful solution. To provide understanding and techniques to foreign entrepreneurs in Korea’s unique market that would help them plan and negotiate in Korea. Eric Wan
October 12


The Real Pitching Make the right impression and gain the attention you need while making your business pitch. Eirc Wan
November 9


Welcome to the Global Jungle – Behavioral Science Behavioral Economics to raise CVR, Value proposition with high success potential. SeokHui Hong



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