[SeoulGSC] 1:1 Consulting Session <Visa>

Many of you want and are eager to know more about Korean visa types and receive individual consultation regarding your current visa or future visa plans. So, we are preparing a VISA Consulting Session this time! As it is essential to have general understanding of how Korean visa system works for your business, and it may affect your business in Korea, we would recommend you schedule a session and consult with the expert if you have any concerns or issues regarding your visa.

The details of the sessions are:

1. Date&Time: 1PM-5PM, Thursday, January 11th (about 40 minutes per team)
2. Place: Conference Room, 3F, SeoulGSC
3. Topic: Visa (types, restrictions, how to change or extend, etc.)
4. Expert: Eric Jang (Visa Expert)

If you have any questions regarding the program, contact program@seoulgsc.com

Thank you.