[SeoulGSC] 1:1 Consulting Session <Legal Advice>

As many of you have requested for legal consultation with a lawyer, we are holding a ‘Legal Advice’, which you can utilize to deal with legal related issues (incorporation, commercial contracts, contract disputes, employment, regulatory, etc.). Please take advantage of this opportunity to utilize this service!
** Please note that the consulting sessions are introductory sessions to provide you with key points about your legal issues, not to directly solve them. You should be expected to contract a lawyer for further inquiries requiring detailed attention to your individual business matters.

The details of the sessions are:

1. Date&Time: 4PM-5PM, Tuesday, February 13 (1 team, 1 hour)
2. Place: Conference Room, 3F, SeoulGSC
3. Topic: Legal Advice
4. Expert: Changbum Lim (Representative Attorney, Start Law Firm)

If you have any questions regarding the program, contact program@seoulgsc.com / 070-4170-8481 June Hwang

Thank you.