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Seoul GSC Event Host Regulations


Seoul GSC provides space for both graduates and residents to host their own events for promoting their products and services, or for the benefit of the larger startup community itself. We hope our space can provide our graduates and resident startups with a great resource to connect with potential clients and partners. Please refer the Event Host Regulations attachment. March 19, 2019
Seoul Global Startup Center 
□ Operation Period: April ~ July 2019
※ After operating for 4 months provisionally, we’ll officially announce with finalized regulations.

□ Brief Information of Event Hosting
– Scheduled Available Time: Weekdays & Weekends, 9:00AM ~ 9:00PM
– Available Space: Co-working Hall, Seminar Room and Conference Room at 3rd Floor of SGSC
– Eligibility: Only Seoul GSC graduates and resident startups
※ Event Examples: Seminars, forums, briefing sessions, etc. related to Residents(Graduates)’ business activities.

□ Application Link: https://seoulgsc.formstack.com/forms/venue

□ Contact
– Email Inquiries: community@seoulgsc.com
– Phone: 02-718-1170 (During Weekday Business Hours)

※ Attachment: Seoul GSC Event Host Regulations

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