What is the application process for Resident Startups?

We have a 2-Step process for selecting startups to become Residents. First, you submit an Online Application website. We use expert judges to evaluate all the online applications and choose selected teams for an In-Person Presentation at our center. You present your Business and answer questions to our judges live. Then, we select up to qualified teams to be a part of the Resident Startup program.

What requirements are there to be selected as a Resident Startup?

Teams should have at least one decision-making Foreign Resident in Korea on your core team. ->

  • (Not Yet Registered Startups)
    • Teams should have at least one decision making foreigner specified on the team.  
    • If the team’s foreign representative does not hold a long-term visa, the team can be selected only under the condition that the foreigner acquire a long-term visa that allows business activities in Korea within 6 months after moving into the center. 
  • (Registered Businesses)
    • The team’s representative or co-representative should be a foreigner.
      • (Pre BI & BI program) Your business should be less than 3 years from the date of establishment based on last date of application. (Less than 3 years old)
      • (Post-BI program) Your business should be more than 3 years and less than 7 years from the date of establishment based on last date of application. (Between 3 and 7 years old/ detailed conditions may be different according to divisions)

Do I need to write a business plan?

No, you don’t need to write a plan to be selected. All the information from your application, as well as an in-person presentation and interview will be enough to understand you and your business. However, we do ask the Resident Startups we select to provide a Business Development plan based on the Seed Funding we will provide. This will help us determine your development needs and the level of resources needed.

Do I have to have my business registered?

No, we are looking for teams and people at various stages of development. If you have a good idea, we can help take care of setting up the registration and fine details.

Why does the program only help foreigners or teams with a foreigner?

There are many government programs, grants, and competitions in Korea to help startups and small enterprises. However, a vast majority of these programs are not available to foreigners and even if they were open to foreigners, they operate almost exclusively in the Korean language. The City of Seoul sees the benefits and job creation that innovative foreigners can bring and wants to provide assistance to them as well.

Are you looking for high-tech startups or companies?

We are looking for good ideas and business models in all sectors. We believe that innovative companies are not limited to technology-based startups and welcome all ideas to the center.

I need funding. How much funding do you provide?

Seoul Global Startup Center provides Resident Members up to 20 Million Won of Seed Funding.

Do I have to make money or show progress by end of the program?

We look at things differently than most programs. We understand the cycle of Startups and how difficult it can be to show progress purely through numbers alone. We will look at each participant individually and organically determine their progress. Our goal is to help you grow through highs and lows of business development.

Do I need to be in the office for a certain amount of time every week?

Yes, we have office occupancy requirements of at least 3-days a week. We give you free office space 24/7 and we do expect that you will participate in the overall environment of the center. The success and the future of the program is dependent upon that participation. Those teams that do not commit themselves to the program will be warned and may be asked to leave the program in extreme cases.

Seoul Global Startup Center is a startup incubation center supporting foreign entrepreneurs in Korea to begin their startup journey in Seoul.

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