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FAQs related to 5th Batch Application


FAQs related to 2020 SeoulGSC 5th Batch Application

  1. How do I determine whether I am a BI or a Post-BI based on the date of business establishment on my business registration?
    The standard is as follows.
    – BI: Start-ups that are under 3 years of operation by contract date (May 1st, 2020) since the date of business establishment on their business registration.
    – POST BI: Start-ups that are between 3 to 7 years of operation by contract date (May 1st, 2020) since the date of business establishment on their business registration.

  2. Is a business registration mandatory to apply?
    No, you can apply without the business registration, however you are required to submit a business registration to the center by the contract date (May 1st, 2020). Upon failure of submission, your application selection will be cancelled.

  3. Do I have to change my business address on the business registration into Seoul to apply for the 5th batch? When should I change my address?
    You can apply for the 5th batch while your address is not in Seoul. However, you must change your address to Seoul before you submit your business registration by contract date (May 1st).

  4. Can I register my business location as the center’s address?
    Once you are selected for the 5th batch, you may change your business location to the center. However, it is not mandatory to change your address into the center’s.

  5. I’ve been selected by another program. Can I still apply for the 5th batch?
    Yes, you can. However, You must terminate the other support you are receiving before our program’s contract date (May 1st, 2020) since the center does not allow overlapping government support. To terminate your existing program, please contact your program advisor. If you are unsure whether you are getting overlapping support from the Seoul government or other municipalities, contact us at apply@seoulgsc.com.

  6. Can I still submit documents for additional points that are outside of the given period? (revenue, employment, funding)
    Please note, only documents within the given time period will be evaluated. However, you may submit any documents that may appeal your business regardless of the period as a reference purpose.

  7. How do I submit videos?
    Video submission is only required for the second round evaluation. Those who pass the first round document screening will be notified via emails. After you receive the email you can send us the file as an attachment, share it through a cloud, or send us a link on Youtube. The video can be in English or Korean. Please note that we will not inform you about link setting problems.

  8. How many people can occupy one office?
    We can accommodate a maximum of ten people. Offices will be assigned based on the number of teams selected and the center’s operation plans.

  9. How many teams will be selected? How many people are involved in evaluation? Who are the evaluation judges composed of? May I request information about my evaluation results?
    Following internal regulations, the above information will remain undisclosed.

  10. Are there rules about program participation or whether you must commute to the center? Please inform us about the rules in detail.
    Usage of the center is determined by attendance and program participation. Upon continued assessment, usage of under 60% will result in penalties.

– Email inquiries: apply@seoulgsc.com
– Phone: 02-718-1170 (During Weekday Business Hours)

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