“Enternship” Plan

• Name: ‘Enternship’ is a combination of ‘Entrepreneur + Intern’

• Purpose
o Enternship Participants: To increase skills and help actual start-ups
o Startups: Securing needed manpower for business promotion

• Type: Internship Program

• Period: December 2016 – February 2016

• Subjects
o Enterns: Access Membership (4th Floor Co-working Space Users)
o Companies: Startup in an Incubation Center supported by Seoul Metropolitan Government. MUST be a Registered Company in Korea (No Individuals).
o Seoul GSC Resident cannot duplicate current internship category:
If you have already hired an intern for a specific job category, you cannot receive an intern from this program to do the same type of work.

※ The companies that are from the Seoul Global Start-up Center do not support duplicate support (same workforce, field, work, etc.) with seed money

※ Employment qualifications will be based on each company’s regulations.

• Utilization Plan
Koreans wanting to work at global startups / Design, circuit design, coding, homepage production, etc.
Foreigners living in Korea(With Legal Working Visa) / Global advancement support work, design, circuit design, coding, homepage production, etc.

Date : Phase
2016.11 – 2016.12 : Demand Survey of Seoul GSC
2016.12.26 : Announcement & Start of Application Process
2017.1.12 : Application Deadline (Enterns & Companies)
2017.1.13 : Announcement of received applications
2017.1.16 : Open interview(Seoul GSC)
2017.1.20. (6 hrs / day) or 2017.1.31(8 hrs / day) : Additional Interview(If needed) & Contract
2017.1.23. – 2.21 : Start of program(20 working days)
2017.1.31. – 2.3 : Interim check
2017.2.22. – 2.28 : Reporting of Result
2017. 3 – : Payment

※Timeline (Subject to Change)
Process Details (More to Come at a Later Time)
• Online Submission of Documents & Application (Companies & Enterns)
• pen Interview at Seoul GSC (1:00 – 6:00, 16 Jan) When the number of companies that can be supported is exceeded, Companies will be Selected on the spot Lottery
• Non-selected companies can proceed at their own expense
• Interview between Enterns & companies with designated Area in alphabet order
• Additional Interview as needed can be conducted between (17 – 20 Jan)
• Contract between Interns & Startup Company (1 Entern per Company)
• The period of work is
o 6 Hours per day / 5 days per week for 20 days / 30 Hours per Week(Maximum)
o Hours per day / 5 days per week for 15 days / 40 hours per week(Maximum)
o 3 or 4 Weeks Program
o 1,050,000 won (including Paid holiday)
• Result Report(Enternship Log) must be submitted by the Company to Seoul GSC, showing the utilization of the Entern in the work of the company.

Enternship Application : https://seoulgsc.formstack.com/forms/entern
Enternship Company registration : https://seoulgsc.formstack.com/forms/enternship
Access membership registration : https://seoulgsc.formstack.com/forms/access_membership_application


Manager Danny kim


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