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CID Auto transforms used car sales with AI video commerce platform


CID Auto

Industry: Automotive
Service: Automobile Video Commerce
Founded: March 2016 in Seoul, Korea
Founder(s): Raymond Min & Ross Kim
Number of Employees: 1-5
Company Overview
CID Auto provides a buy and sell video commerce platform for used cars powered by AI technology. CID Auto is currently expanding its market from Korea to South East Asia. They are seeking to expand their team with IT developers specialized in mobile apps and AI, and designers experienced in web, UX, and product packaging design.
Tel: +82 10 2012 3515
Email: raymond.min@cidauto.kr

How It All Started

Ross Kim, COO & Raymond Min, CEO of CID Auto
The team, crushing it.

Build something you yourself would use, and you’ll build an audience.

Raymond Min, CEO of CID Auto, loves cars and was constantly upgrading or testing a new set of wheels. He bought and sold over ten cars in a span of 15 years, a process he said was “frustrating.”

Buying from and selling to dealerships was expensive, posting online was unreliable, and finding through connections was time consuming. And the car photos were unreliable.

Three years ago, he began CID Auto, a service designed to ‘Create’ ‘Innovate’ and ‘Develop’ the automotive industry, focusing on a streamlined and efficient platform to buy and sell used cars.

Ross Kim joined the company as the COO, and together they built a system that incorporates AVSE, Automatic Video Supervising Editing, an easy way for sellers to professionally post the specs of their car to buyers.

AVSE starts with the raw video sellers take of the car’s interior and exterior, which includes the seller’s voice explanations of each of its parts.

This raw video is then transferred into the SucarTV’s servers, which verifies the authenticity of the vehicle and if the voice description matches the images its explaining.

Using AI technology, the video is automatically reshot smoothly highlighting its specs to create a professional video advertisement.

SucarTV, the used car video commerce app, launched by CID Auto, is the first of its kind to innovatively use AI to authenticate vehicle specs and to edit raw videos.

This innovation not only supports sellers to properly showcase their cars, but also builds a brand that buyers can trust. Through SucarTV’s technology, used cars are brought to life so that buyers can virtually inspect it, beyond the pixelated photos of traditional used car advertisements.

Screenshots of the different functions of the SucarTV app, from edited seller postings to buyer bids.

Challenges Overcome

SucarTV started with the business-to-customer market, but it wasn’t easy to expand or promote. To counter this, they brought in the business-to-business market, and widening their network and upload of used cars.

Also, they found the Korean automotive market to be “messy” in terms of sales transactions, so they decided to expand their market to South East Asia.

Looking Ahead

SucarTV is focusing its platform for individual sellers and buyers, expanding on its customer-to-customer market.

Indonesia is the first location in South East Asia it’s currently expanding, based on its booming car industry. Responding to customer demands, the platform is moving beyond cars to include motorcycles. They are also working on translation and subtitles within its app, localizing the experience for its eventual expansion.

CID Auto not only focuses on supporting the automotive industry with its ease of buying and selling used cars, but it’s also building its brand with its own car products. Sucar Armor, a protective car coating spray, is the first of their line of product they’re exporting.

CID Auto and SucarTV branding

Sucar Armor, CID Auto product
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