Announcement for Seoul GSC Final Selected Participants

Announcement for Seoul GSC Final Selected Participants

2017 Seoul Global Startup Center Final Selected Participant List

Final selected teams must sign a lease contract no later than Thursday, May 10, 2017. (Failure to sign the contract by that date will nullify your selection into the program and you will not be allowed to participate. )

* Important Dates:

– Upcoming Holidays (No Seoul GSC staff office hours): Monday, May 1,(Labor day), Wednesday, May 3, (Buddha Day), Friday, May 5 (Children’s Day), and Tuesday, May 9 (Election Day) / May 2, 4, 8, 10 available

– Monday, May 8, 2017: Official Seoul GSC 2nd Batch Start Date

– Wednesday, May 10 (by 5:00 PM) : Contract must be completed

– Thursday, May 11: Orientation Day (1:00 PM to 5:00 PM / Important Information about Seed Funding, Regulations of the Center etc.)


* Contact Number for Questions: 02-718-1170 (for work hours 9:00 AM – 06:00 PM) /

Announcement for Seoul GSC 2nd Round Selected Participants

Announcement for Seoul GSC 2nd Round Selected Participants

2017 Seoul Global Startup Center 2nd Round Participant List

* Schedule

  • Presentation submission deadline: 2017.04.24. Monday 9:00 AM (online)
  • In-Person Presentation

– April 24, 25, 26 (3 days), 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

– Seoul Global Startup Center 3rd floor

– Approximately 10 minutes for each team (5 minutes presentation, 3 minutes Q&A)

– Korean or English is acceptable.

  • Final Selection Notification: 2017.04.27. Thursday


*  Contact Number for Questions: 02-718-1170 (for work hours 9:00 AM – 06:00 PM) /

SGSC Campus-FREE Business Skill Up Sessions

■ Informaiton

  • Who can apply?

– Early stage of entrepreneurs with ambitious.

  • When?

-Application Period : 2017.4.10(Mon) ~ 2017.6.12(Mon) 17:00 closed

(First Come, Frist Serve. Only 20applicants)

-Program Period : Please check the table below

  • How?

[Click to Apply]

  • Benefits for those who completed the sessions?

Participants (participation over 80% of 1Stage Sessions) can get extra points for next Batch of Resident Recruitment.

  • To where?

Seoul Global Startup Center 4floor Co-Working Space


■ Announcement of participants : We will send email to those who will be participate for Skill Up Sessions on 6. 16(Friday)


■ 1st Stage Skill Up Session Schedule
Date (Time)

06. 26. Mon



The Customers Relationships with Digital Marketing

Customer management marketing and sales strategy for digital marketing for customers in Korea

Marta Allina

06. 28. Wed



UX for Startup

Learn about the efficient UX process and practice using handy tools for startups

SeokHui Hong

07. 24. Mon



Unlocking your creative potential as a change-maker

Creativity is often misunderstood as artistic skill sets, but it is actually universal and available for all of us. Tap into your innate creativity as a change-maker and strengthen your creative muscles to build better human-centered solutions.

Deborah Kim

07. 26. Wed


Pre- Intermediate

Cross Culture Workshop

* Learn 5 dimensions – a framework for cross-cultural understanding

* Get insights on how to work more effectively with others from different culture

 Dr. Jeesun Cho

08. 30. Wed



Value Proposition

* Learning to create value through interactive activities

Joe Lim

* Schedules are subject to change due to the operational plans


■ Lecturer’s Profiles


■ Contact

Manager Sun Rim




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SGSC Co-Workshop


Increase your opportunities of business success with “Co-Workshop” of Seoul Global Startup Center from April to November 2017!

Co-Workshop is a FREE monthly workshop designed to inspire entrepreneurs to become innovation makers over 8 professional workshops.


Participants can develop their creative capacities and skill sets to build scalable startups to solve their business problems.

Workshops will be provided in English for 30 people for each session (please note that it is First Come, First Serve).


  • For Whom?

Early stage startups and Aspiring future startup founders with passion


  • How to participate the Workshop?

  1. Register for Access Membership [Access Membership Application]
  2. Fill out an application form for Co-Workshop (Application will be closed up to 2 days before each workshop)


* Schedules are subject to change due to the operational plans.

* If you cannot attend the workshop, please contact us at “”. If not, your participations for future SeoulGSC programs may be restricted.





Date/Time (Thursday) Topic Contents Lecturer
April 13


Style Switching Impact of Culture, Understanding different work styles for cooperation, and Action Plans Dr. Jeesun Cho
May 11


Branding Me Develop your unique brand that truly represents who you are from seed, soil, sprout and stem. An authentic brand to show you and your business to your customer. Eric Wan
June 8


Power SNS Quick overview of Korean market’s SNS, Facebook, Blogging and Video Contents Marta
July 13


Jump into a Black Hole Korea has a unique business environment, and it can be costly for foreign entrepreneurs to figure that out through trial and error.

To provide insight to foreigners in Korea who wish to start their own business, shorten their learning curve to ensure a smooth setup and operation of their business.

Gordon Dudley
August 10


Creative Thinking Creative problem-solving through diverse aspects and turning points of thinking. Deborah
September 7


Negotiation Master Different cultures have very different context when it comes to communication, and negotiation is all about being able to communicate effectively across all parties to come to a fruitful solution. To provide understanding and techniques to foreign entrepreneurs in Korea’s unique market that would help them plan and negotiate in Korea. Eric Wan
October 12


The Real Pitching Make the right impression and gain the attention you need while making your business pitch. Eirc Wan
November 9


Welcome to the Global Jungle – Behavioral Science Behavioral Economics to raise CVR, Value proposition with high success potential. SeokHui Hong



Lecturers Profile



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2017 Seoul Global Startup Center Announcement of Resident Recruitment Period



Seoul Global Startup Center Announcement of Resident Recruitment Period



Seoul Global Startup Center is a global startup incubator designed to bring creative ideas into reality. We are looking for innovative products and services from startups to reside in our center. The plan for recruitment for the 2nd Batch Program of Seoul GSC in 2017 is as follows.

March 24, 2017

Seoul Global Startup Center



  •  Purpose
    • Promoting the development of the local economy in Korea through supporting Foreign Startup Founders in Korea and those expanding operations from overseas to Korea.
  • Program Period: May 8, 2017 – April 30, 2018 (approximately 1 year)
  • Cost of Residency: Free
  • How to Apply for Residency
    • Application Period: 2017. 3. 24(Fri) ~ 2017. 4. 14 (Fri) until 17:00
    • Method of Application: Online application via website (
    • Email inquiries:
    • Phone (During Weekday Business Hours): 02- 718- 1170
  • Selection Process:
    • (Application Evaluation) 1st Round Evaluation of the Application for Residency by professional judges with criteria such as entrepreneurial suitability, growth potential, marketability, and participant team ability, and willingness to participate (* The applicant is solely responsible for the any disadvantage due to missing required documents. Check whether it these are included)

※Through the application evaluation, double of the target number of the 2nd batch teams will be selected.

  • (Presentation Evaluation) 2nd Round In-Person Evaluation (* Separate Presentation is Required) for the team that has passed the 1st Round Evaluation (Announcement will be online and by email notification) with criterias of startup suitability, possibilities for growth, and marketability.

※ Through the presentation evaluation, 1.2 times of the target number of the 2nd batch teams will be selected.

※ Presentation time: 5 minutes of Business plan pitch and 3 minutes of Q&As for each teams

  • (Open Information Session) Introduction of the benefits of Residency and Center Use Introduction on Monday, 3 April at 2:00 pm, 3rd Floor, Seoul GSC.
  • (Contract Signing) 2nd Program Residents
    • Bring your seal stamp and certificate with seal when you fill out the Seoul GSC Resident Contract.
      • Corporation company: Corporation Seal
      • Individual company: Representative (CEO) Personal seal


Attachment : 2017 Seoul Global Startup Center Announcement of Resident Recruitment Period

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“Enternship” Plan

“Enternship” Plan

• Name: ‘Enternship’ is a combination of ‘Entrepreneur + Intern’

• Purpose
o Enternship Participants: To increase skills and help actual start-ups
o Startups: Securing needed manpower for business promotion

• Type: Internship Program

• Period: December 2016 – February 2016

• Subjects
o Enterns: Access Membership (4th Floor Co-working Space Users)
o Companies: Startup in an Incubation Center supported by Seoul Metropolitan Government. MUST be a Registered Company in Korea (No Individuals).
o Seoul GSC Resident cannot duplicate current internship category:
If you have already hired an intern for a specific job category, you cannot receive an intern from this program to do the same type of work.

※ The companies that are from the Seoul Global Start-up Center do not support duplicate support (same workforce, field, work, etc.) with seed money

※ Employment qualifications will be based on each company’s regulations.

• Utilization Plan
Koreans wanting to work at global startups / Design, circuit design, coding, homepage production, etc.
Foreigners living in Korea(With Legal Working Visa) / Global advancement support work, design, circuit design, coding, homepage production, etc.

Date : Phase
2016.11 – 2016.12 : Demand Survey of Seoul GSC
2016.12.26 : Announcement & Start of Application Process
2017.1.12 : Application Deadline (Enterns & Companies)
2017.1.13 : Announcement of received applications
2017.1.16 : Open interview(Seoul GSC)
2017.1.20. (6 hrs / day) or 2017.1.31(8 hrs / day) : Additional Interview(If needed) & Contract
2017.1.23. – 2.21 : Start of program(20 working days)
2017.1.31. – 2.3 : Interim check
2017.2.22. – 2.28 : Reporting of Result
2017. 3 – : Payment

※Timeline (Subject to Change)
Process Details (More to Come at a Later Time)
• Online Submission of Documents & Application (Companies & Enterns)
• pen Interview at Seoul GSC (1:00 – 6:00, 16 Jan) When the number of companies that can be supported is exceeded, Companies will be Selected on the spot Lottery
• Non-selected companies can proceed at their own expense
• Interview between Enterns & companies with designated Area in alphabet order
• Additional Interview as needed can be conducted between (17 – 20 Jan)
• Contract between Interns & Startup Company (1 Entern per Company)
• The period of work is
o 6 Hours per day / 5 days per week for 20 days / 30 Hours per Week(Maximum)
o Hours per day / 5 days per week for 15 days / 40 hours per week(Maximum)
o 3 or 4 Weeks Program
o 1,050,000 won (including Paid holiday)
• Result Report(Enternship Log) must be submitted by the Company to Seoul GSC, showing the utilization of the Entern in the work of the company.

Enternship Application :
Enternship Company registration :
Access membership registration :


Manager Danny kim


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