[SeoulGSC] 2018 Foreign Student Enternship Announcement

[SeoulGSC] 2018 Foreign Student Enternship Announcement

We announce the “2018 Foreign Student Enternship” program, which provides opportunities for foreign students at Korean Universities to experience startup business and provide resources needed for startup companies, as follows.

2017. 11. 27

Seoul Global Startup Center


  • Purpose
    • Entern: To experience startup business to gain the experience needed to increase the probability of future startup success.
    • Company: Securing the best talented people necessary for business development
  • Qualifications
Category Qualification
Entern Foreign students enrolled in Korean Universities or on leave (University students and Graduate students) who have no reason for disqualification
Company Startups in any Seoul Metropolitan Government Supported Incubation Center located within the city of Seoul. (Must have a Business Registration in Seoul)
  • Period of Enternship :
    • 2018. 01. 02 (Tuesday) – 2018. 02. 23 (Friday)
  • Payment Amount to Entern
    • Service Amount: Up to 1,720,500 won (46,500 won per day X up to 37 days)
      • Applicable Tax is deducted prior to Payment
  • Ineligible Participants
    • Beneficiaries of other government programs that are similar.
    • Those without legal resident status in Korea
    • Those who have legal restrictions for entering into a Contract
  • Schedule & Proceedings
Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5
Notice & Company Application Entern Application & Matching Service Contract Service




  • Selection Evaluation
    • Open Interview between the Entern & Startup

※ Startup Companies’ selection is first come, first served.  In case of exceeding the number of companies that can be supported, there may be an opportunity should a selected company drop out. (Non-selected companies can proceed with an Entern at their own expense)

  • If Necessary – Additional individual interviews between startup companies and Enterns
  • Application Submission
    • Application Period
      • Startup Companies:
        • 2017.11.27 (Monday) – 2017.12.07 (Thursday)
        • Deadline Time: 7:00 PM (12.07)
        •  Link: http://j.mp/2018Companyapplication
      • Startup Companies:
        • 12.08 (Friday) – 2017.12.18 (Monday)
        • Deadline Time: 7:00 PM (12.18)
        • Link : https://www.jobfindr.com/listing-category/enternship/
  • Required Documents:
    • 1 Application Form (1 Application per Company)
  • Application Method
    • Online Application
  • Inquiries
    • Seoul Global Startup Center Manager, Danny Kim
    • Email : Contact@seoulgsc.com
    • Phone : 070-4170-8486 (During Regular Weekday Hours)
  • Notice
    • Submitted Application Documents are not returned
    • The disadvantages caused by misrepresentation in the application form and inadequate management of the participant are the responsibility of the participant.
    • Selection Results and schedule are posted on the website of Seoul GSC (seoulgsc.com)
    • There is no individual notification for final selected applicants
  • Detailed Schedule
    Contents Scheduled Proceedings


    Startup Company Application 2017. 11. 27 (Monday) –

    2017. 12. 07 (Thursday)

    Enternship Fair 2017. 12. 15 (Friday) 1:30 pm – 5:30 pm

    Seoul GSC Coworking

    Matching between Company & Entern 2017. 12. 08 (Friday) –

    2017. 12. 18 (Monday)

    Submit Contract 2018. 01. 02 (Tuesday)
    Service Execution 2018. 01. 02 (Tuesday) Maximum 37 days
    Entern Lecture 2018. 01. 12 (Friday) –

    2018. 01. 13 (Saturday)

    Seoul GSC Seminar Room
    Interim Report 2018. 01. 31 (Wednesday) Entern Submission


    – Entern Interim Report
    Submit Documents

    (Company / Entern)

    2018. 02. 23 (Friday) Company Submission Documents
    – Startup Result Report

    – Entern Evaluation Form

    Entern Submission



    – Entern Result Report

    – Company Evaluation

    Enternship Ceremony
    Service payment End of March 2018 Center > Entern

    * The above schedule is subject to change according to operating circumstances.


[Monthly Networking]From Zero to Hero Networking

























[From Zero to Hero’ Networking]

Hello Seoul Startupers!
Are you ready to meet great minds of entrepreneurship like yourselves? Mingle with birds of the same feather? Bob your heads to some great DJ sets?
Well, then you must drop by the most A-mazing Networking Night on this side of the world.

▣ When? November 17th, 6:30 – 21:00 pm

▣ Where? Seoul Global Startup Center
(3F, Electronic World Building, Hangangro 3-ga, 1-1 Yongsan-gu, Seoul)

▣ What? Elevator Pitching, 101 Startup Investment & Funding in Korea, Precious DJ Crew, delicious food and fizzy drinks

▣ Interested? Sign up here http://j.mp/Globalstartup

▣ Attendee
1. Investor
2. Foreign Startup / Korean Startup
3. Student
4. General attendee

▣ Program
1. Networking
2. Lecture(Famous startup CEO)
3. Job Recruiting
4. Startup pitching
5. DJ

▣ Benefit
1. To meet various startup people(Global startup, Korean Startup, Investor and so on.)
2. Free beer&catering



























◈ Where Talented Individuals Meet Promising Startups

Are you a Startup too busy to find qualified individuals for your latest project?
Are you an Expert who wants to work on new, innovative projects?

◈We have a ‘STARTUP TALENT MATCHING’ event for both Startups Requesting Talent (5) / Skilled Individuals (5)

*First come, first served for the first (5) volunteers
If you want to seize the opportunity for pitching, Apply first!

◈ [Lecture] Must Know-How for Startup Communication as a CEO

It’s hard to know how to communicate well with the different employees, especially as a CEO. Each Job (Designer, Engineer) has their own way of thinking and process. You should learn how to communicate with them for the growth of your company.

Steven Cho, CEO of Just Thank You, has many experiences as a Hardware Engineer and Developer in Amazon, CISCO, etc. He will share how to communicate well with other departments.

18:30 – 18:35 Opening
18:35 – 19:35 Communication as a CEO
19:35 – 19:45 Startup Talent Matching
19:45 – 20:30 Networking

3F, Electronic World Building, Hangangro 3-ga, 1-1 Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea




[SeoulGSC] Pitch Party Final Participant Selection

[SeoulGSC] Pitch Party Final Participant Selection

Congratulations to the upcoming participants in the 2017 Pitch Party.

Seoul GSC has completed selection and selected applications have been notified by email. Those participants who have been selected should respond accordingly to the information given.

We are grateful to everyone who submitted their ideas for the Pitch Party and wish you the best of luck in making your ideas into successful business ventures.

Thank you!


2017 SeoulGSC Pitch Party Announcement (Application Period is Extended for Students)

2017 SeoulGSC Pitch Party Announcement (Application Period is Extended for Students)

The application period for the students’ division has been extended to 5PM, October 17th.

According to advice from Korea Immigration Service, any students whose visa is valid for longer than 91 days can apply as a representative of the team and receive prize monies.

APPLY NOW -> https://seoulgsc.formstack.com/forms/pitchparty2017

[Application Period Extended] 2017 SeoulGSC Announcement of Pitch Party

[Application Period Extended] 2017 SeoulGSC Announcement of Pitch Party

Calling all Entrepreneurs in Seoul! Can you make your Pitch stand out? Throw your hat into the ring and “Pitch like Punch”, knocking out all the competition!!!! This year’s competition will feature KRW 15 million in cash prizes at the Seoul Global Startup Center Pitch Party! Promote your startup or business idea in front of potential investors, partners, customers and employees.

*Who: Entrepreneurs and Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Startups less than 3 years old, and Entrepreneurial University Students. (At least one team member should be a foreigner in Korea)
*What: A pitch competition for globally-minded early stage startups
*When –  Apply by Friday, October 13th, 6:00 PM.
                  – The competition is on Friday, November 3rd, 2017.
*Where: The Seoul Global Startup Center near the Yongsan Electronics Market
*How to Apply: Submit your application and upload important documents, following the link below

This is the 2nd Pitch Party hosted by the Seoul Global Startup Center, a space dedicated to the mission of making Seoul into Asia’s hub for startups.

The competition is open to global and aspiring entrepreneurs based in Korea.

What are you waiting for?!!! Just follow the link below.

You must apply by September 29th at 6:00 p.m. For More Information: pitchparty_announcement_eng_170929

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