■ Information

  • Who can apply?

– An Early stage of entrepreneurs with ambitious.

  • When?

– Application Period: 2017.7.10(Mon) ~ 2017.9.08(Fri) 17:00 closed  (First Come, Frist Serve. Only 30applicants)

– Program Period: Please check the table below

  • Benefits for those who completed the sessions?

Participants (participation over 80% of 2nd Stage Sessions) can get extra points for next Batch of SGSC Resident Recruitment.

  • To where?

Seoul Global Startup Center 4floor Co-Working Space

Announcement of participants:
  We will send an email to those who will be participating for Skill Up Sessions on 9. 15(Friday)


2nd Stage Skill Up Session Schedule


주제 내용 Lecturer

09.25. Mon


New Business Model, Why? *Breaking Down ‘Business Model’

*Comparing Business Models


09.27. Wed


Key Activities –

Business Model Testing

*Asking the tough questions to validate the business model.

*Ability to modify and strengthen business model in the longer run

Joe Lim
10.23. Mon


Key Partnerships –

Global Team Building

* Different culture, different


* Understand how to work

effectively with others of

different work-styles

Dr. Jeesun Cho
10.25. Wed


Risk Management

*Integration of risk management into the business planning processes

*A continuous process to identify and evaluate significant risks to the achievement of business objectives.


11.27. Mon


Negotiation _Win Strategy Negotiating profitable partnerships

-Create profitable and sustainable partnerships

 Joe Lim

* Schedules are subject to change due to the operational plans

Lecturers Profiles


Manager Sun Rim

Email: coworking@seoulgsc.com