2017 SeoulGSC Resident Advisory Panel

We are looking for the representatives of 2nd batch resident startups!

1. Purpose
The “Resident Advisory Panel” is an advisory committee made up of elected representatives of the Seoul GSC Resident startups and Seoul GSC operating staff. The Panel is formed to discuss operational matters related to the Seoul GSC Residents and work to ensure the fairness and integrity of Seoul GSC’s operation through the development of more efficient and improved measures.

2. Elected Representatives – 3 Members
3 representatives of the Seoul GSC Resident Startups will be elected and chosen by their fellow Residents. The 3 elected representatives must be active in the center and join meetings with Seoul GSC. These members will voice the concerns and interests of the Residents in meetings and communication. Therefore, they should be accessible to other Residents and provide a channel for the Residents to have their voice heard. To best represent the ALL members of Seoul GSC, we are looking for diversity within the panel.

3. Important Dates
– Operating Schedule: July 17, 2017 – December 31, 2017
– Candidate Application Period (1 Person per Team): June 29, 2017 – July 6, 2017
– Resident Voting Period (1 Vote per Team): July 10, 2017 – July 13, 2017
– Final Result and Announcement of Selected Representatives: July 14, 2017

4. Qualifications
– Regular Center Attendance (3 or more days a week)
– Named Representative on the Lease Contract with Seoul GSC
– No Legal Issues or limitations (attendance, etc.) which may impact the panel’s future.

5. Expectations
– Good relationship and communication with other Seoul GSC Residents
– Seoul GSC Meeting Attendance – 2 Official Meetings per Month – Required
– Regular Communication with Seoul GSC team about issues and concerns.


*Contact: Interzone manager, June Hwang / 070-4170-8481 / program@seoulgsc.com