Over the past decade, the Korean start-up ecosystem has grown tremendously. Clever ideas and entrepreneurs enthusiasm have energized Korean industries in various fields. For that reason, foreign entrepreneurs turned their attention to the Korean start-up ecosystem. Foreigners and students, currently studying overseas with dreams to succeed in business, also want to learn Korea’s startup incubation know-how.

 The Seoul Global Startup Center, opened in 2016, is a startup incubation center that encompasses Koreans, foreign residents, immigrants and international students. We are a leading example as a global start-up base.

 There are 4 global start-ups from the Seoul Global Startup Center who have made a remarkable achievement in Demo Days and outside competitions in 2016, and express their deep gratitude for the  incubating and networking know-how in Seoul Global Startup Center.

We introduce the 4 teams, making their dreams come true in Seoul Global Startup Center! 



  1. Rezi

 Rezi offers students and global job-seekers smarter tools to launch their careers. The Rezi platform, ATS Optimized Templates gives users a faster, easier way to make a more effective English resume to pass modern hiring technologies. It is also designed to pass the SAT. Through mentoring from the Seoul Global Business Center, Rezi has been helped to expand in the Korean market and its network.

 It has been selected as one of the 9 pitching teams of TechCrunch Pitch off held in Seoul in October 2016, boasted the business model developed during their time in Seoul Global Startup Center.




 iMPERFECT created Kidult (Kidult: Kid + Adult) playground, non previously existed in the world before, and released the favorite social media FONDof for the Kidult collectors.

iMPERFECT, composed of all team members with development engineers, was selected as an excellent team in ‘Launchcup Final 2016’ and received the Grand Prize at the ‘3rd Mixed Content Contest’ held by the Culture and Convergence Convergence Center.



  1. Wizpace

Wizpace has created a designer matching platform through which employers and designer job seekers can be efficiently connected globally. Through this design matching application, diverse design portfolios by designers can be easily found leading to global employment by providing international recruitment opportunities.

In ‘Launchcup Final 2016’, Wizpace was selected as the best team with exceptional pitching skill and excellent content.




  1. Q-Pet

Q-PET is a global startup that provides IT software training platforms for children and beginners who can learn coding with simplicity.

 He won the gold medal at the 2016 Foreign Invention and Business Challenge by inventing Model Car for Programming Learning.

 Clearly, the outstanding achievements of them are not merely the accomplishment of the Seoul Global Business Center. However, we never neglect the effort to reinforce their ideas and items. For that result, much more teams are seeing better changes and even results such as investment attraction and new product development.

 As an example for Global Start-Ups Incubating, Seoul Global Start-Up Center is waiting for more dreams with our better world.

We continually plan to offer networking, providing space, and support for business incubation with resident companies and even the Korean start-up ecosystem. We look forward to hearing knocking our center from you.



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